Saturday, October 6, 2012

Twin Idiocies Collide

Better to avoid the Danish news dailies if one has limited sympathy for imbeciles.  In particular the month of September offered a near-apotheosis of stupidity from all sectors; from the protests by retrograde theocrats in Copenhagen against a hack pornographer’s “religious documentary,” – to Kristian Thulesen Dahl’s pathetic debutante ball (both covered extensively in the 17 September issues of the various rags).

It is a mistake in equal measure to forgive the idiocy of Hizbut-Tahrir, Dansk Folkeparti , and the harlequin clown Jesper Wengel simply because they choose to cloister themselves in the thoughts and actions of the 12th century, 1939, and the 1500s, respectively.  They are but bit players in the spectacular theater of commodity capitalism, but you’d never know it from reading MetroXpress or 24Timer.  As the papers would have it, their impotent gestures amount to something of real cultural import, rather than what they truly are: just so many mini-spectacles couched in the totalized spectacle that dominates and obfuscates everyday life.

We can no longer tolerate demagogues of specialized ideology.  Their bluster is a distraction from the single important project human beings, individually and collectively, must embark upon – the realization of a totalized and liberated everyday life.  If Hizbut-Tahrir and Dansk Folkeparti want to die chained to the corpse of Mohammed or choking on potatoes it is of no consequence to us.  We keep our attentions focused on more worthwhile affairs.

One thing is clear: a supplicant is a supplicant, whether you genuflect before the Prophet or the Dannebrog. There will be no place for supplicants in the New World of liberated individuals.  Det er ikke en trussel.  Det er en løfte.

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